The Dance

transfixed by her smile, the swaying of her hips the pouting of her lips, how she moves her hands, as she flows across the floor like ripples in a pond, the rhythm of the beat the samba in her feet, the closing off of space as we take our first embrace, though a hundred eyes […]

Come with me

Come with me, and I will take you to a place. Where you can step aside and contemplate, the summation of your days. The wealth of your estate, and ask those questions lurking in your mind,suppressed. For fear the answers that they’ll give. Why do we live the life we do. Are we conditioned to […]

New Born

how can it be, that hearts that beat as two can, in an instant beat as three, with such synchronicity. and that this person new can usurp us both and gain allegiance of undying love with just a smile and burp.

Natures ways

the wind is still now. the feeling of impending doom. unfolding as a shroud upon this place. thoughts come hurtling onto me of ancient wrongs and hurt. these woods are very old indeed. and grieve for times before men knew the bitter taste of iron. the anger in the air is but an undercurrent of […]


I am alone. an island in the sea. my mind is full of thoughts, I cannot share with thee. my heart is closing now, to the wonders of my soul. I am hoping for redemption, to finally set me free.

Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward decided to depart, a childhood that was torn apart by those who didn’t care. used, abused, abandoned to his fate. living rough on the streets, wasn’t working out that good of late. so Charlie as was his way, quietly overdosed and left behind his grief. and as his life was ebbing down, a […]